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We aim to revolutionize the concrete industry by integrating renewable biochar to significantly reduce carbon emissions. We trust in the familiar reliability of basic concrete, enhanced by our patent-pending biochar technology, which sequesters carbon while fortifying strength, ensuring compliance with carbon limits without sacrificing performance. Our solution is uniquely sustainable— it’s grown, not mined!

Sustainable. Beautiful. Carbon Neutral.

As a burgeoning startup, transparency is our cornerstone. We cherish open dialogues with our partners and prospects, keeping you informed about our journey toward commercial deployment. Our commitment is to forge lasting relationships with those who share our zeal for environmental transformation.

Currently, we are focusing on building our network of biochar suppliers, concrete partners, sales channels, and investors. While we are not yet distributing products, we are eager to explore future partnerships.

What’s in our Name?

"Kainós" — a term of Greek origin meaning "new" or "remade,” it is often used to signify a profound shift in nature, form, or quality. Like our vision, it encapsulates the essence of renewal and transformation. Today, "Kainós" is embraced by innovators and changemakers like us as a beacon of fresh approaches and groundbreaking solutions in industries ripe for change.

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